Change the console error-text colors in Arduino IDE

  • 30 Oct 2015 1:05 PM
    Message # 3607860
    If you find the orange-on-black console error messages as unreadable as I do, here is an question & answer on Arduino StackExchange on how to change it. Note that the location of the file "theme.txt", and even the file containing the setting we're about to change, varied over a few IDE versions. The setting started out in "preferences.txt", at some point it moved to another file while the apparent settings in "preferences.txt" still existed but were ignored, and finally (so far) landed in the file "theme.txt".
    Here's a synopsis. This worked for me in version 1.6.5 of the IDE:
    • Close the Arduino IDE if it is open.
    • Find the file theme.txt and open it with your favorite text editor.
      • on OS X: .../
      • on Win7: C:\Program Files\Arduino\lib\theme\theme.txt
      • on Linux: .../arduino-1.6.3/lib/theme/theme.txt
    • Find the line: "console.error.color = #E34C00"
    • The value, "#E34C00", is the code for that hard to read red. Change it to "#FEEC16", which will give a much more visible yellow-on-black error-message text. (Of course you can change it to any color you like - you'll need a color picker utility to find the code for the color of your choice).
    • Save the file and close your editor.
    The next time you run your Arduino IDE, the compiler error messages will be a lot easier to read.

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