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  • 15 Feb 2016 11:00 PM
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    My name is Erik Saggerer. I'm a new member and wanted to introduce myself. Hopefully I’ll meet some of you in person soon over at MAXT, but in the meantime here’s a little bit about me, and some of the things I’m excited to do there.

    I’m a long time maker/ tinkerer in a lot of different disciplines. Lately I’ve been focused on making metal things at my shop in Jaffrey (Tig welding, blacksmithing, machining), but I’m also interested in hand tool woodworking, old motorcycles and Volkswagens, and I recently started playing with Arduino. Last year I started building bent-metal furniture in my basement and just had some of it featured in the Monadnock Arts Auction. I have some pictures of the furniture here:

    So far over at MAXT, I’ve spent some time setting up my personal space (the desk with the big red toolbox on it), spent some time tuning up the little green metal lathe, and I hooked one of the old oscilloscopes up to the stereo for some groovy visual effects. I left some instructions there in case anyone who’s never played with one of those wants to try it out. It’s pretty mesmerizing. I left a few pieces of equipment in the back shop area that I’d like to donate to the organization (a large drill press, and a small woodworking bench), and one that I’d like to leave there for shared use, but retain ownership of (a manual miter saw). I also set up some shelves and started moving in some of my books about making things. Feel free to pick up and read anything that piques your interest. I may set up a check out sheet system in case anyone wants to borrow something longer term. Until then, keep them in the building.

    Some of the next things I’d like to work on; 

    • Sorting out and organizing the hand tool collection (there’s some beautiful stuff there!)
    • Making some saw-benches (little saw horses used when cutting wood with hand saws). I made one for myself a while back, and always meant to make a second one. If anyone is interested, maybe we could make a pair for MAXT at the same time? Here’s a link to the plans I used -
    • Part of organizing the hand tools involves finding safe homes for a lot of very nice woodworking chisels and carving tools. One way to do that (and also an excuse to play with some of those sweet sewing machines) might be to make some tool rolls. I have some for storing wrenches and I love them. Here’s a link with some examples
    I’ll start separate posts about those specific projects in case anyone has any input or interest.
    I’ll be over at MAXT many weekend mornings and random weekday evenings. See you there!
    If you have any projects incorporating metal work, I might be able to help, and even if I can’t, I’d love to hear about what you’re working on. Reach out!



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